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At Crystal Product Photography and Videography, we specialise in creating stunning product pictures and  videos that help your business to stand out in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Whether you’re selling clothing, electronics, home goods, or any other type of product, we can help you create a visual experience that tells your brand’s story.

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Marc Johnson
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Quick response and good communication.
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Exceptional service very highly recommend. Quality was amazing and the seller ensured they met all specific requirements listed
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Very efficient artist. I will certainly work again with him in a near future.
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He is great. He needs to use our product, and use his own hard drive to shoot, and there are more shots, but he did it all.
Moreover, he has not only the thinking of being a designer, but also the thinking of planning and promotion. He also helped us correct many mistakes and put forward many constructive opinions.
We are very satisfied with his work and hope that we will have the opportunity to work with him again next time.
Bronagh S
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Very patient man who made numerous alterations until I was happy. Would recommend!
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Was extremely impressed with Frank's professionalism. He completed the task to my satisfaction, in a timely fashion. I will definitely use Frank's services again! Thank you, Frank!



Not quite sure what to expect from our services? No worries… Check out the most frequently asked questions.

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We provide both options. Our studio is equipped with professional setups for product photography and videography. However, we also offer on-location shoots if you prefer to showcase your products in specific environments or settings. We can discuss the best approach based on your requirements.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology in our studio. Our arsenal includes professional-grade cameras, lighting setups, and specialized tools to capture stunning images and videos that highlight the unique features and details of your products.

Our turnaround time depends on the scale and complexity of the project. For smaller assignments, we usually deliver the edited and finalized product photos and videos within 2-3 business days. However, for larger or more intricate projects, the timeframe may vary, and we will provide you with a specific estimate after discussing your requirements.

Our pricing structure is based on several factors, such as the number of products, complexity of the shoot, and additional services required (such as editing, retouching, or video editing). We provide customized quotes tailored to each client’s specific needs. To determine an accurate estimate, we encourage you to provide us with detailed information about your project, and we will be happy to discuss pricing options with you.

Yes, we offer styling and prop assistance as part of our services. Our team can collaborate with you to create visually appealing compositions that enhance the presentation of your products. We can discuss your preferred aesthetic, themes, or specific requirements to ensure the styling aligns with your brand.

We believe in a collaborative approach and value your input throughout the process. We encourage open communication and will involve you in the decision-making process, ensuring your vision and expectations are met. We can schedule regular check-ins, share sample shots, and make adjustments based on your feedback to ensure we capture the essence of your products.

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